Saturday, May 8, 2010

San Francisco Vegan Bake Sale IV

The 4th San Francisco Vegan Bake Sale took place today, this time outside of Herbivore on Valencia street.  I filled my To-Go Ware tiffin set with some delicious stuff, almost all of it made by Sugar Beat Sweets, a little organization soon to be San Francisco's first vegan bakery.  Here's my report:

1. Two tiny cupcakes, one dark and chocolaty, the other light and vanilla-flavored.  Both delicious, and perfect.  I consumed each whole and upright, squishing the rich frosting against roof of mouth before  getting down to business.

2. I miss my habitual Starbuck's Maple Oat Scone from earlier in the decade.  It was an acquired taste, being rather dry and dense.  It certainly invited a lot of coffee to the party, and for that I stuck with it, eventually growing quite fond of it despite its flaws. This vegan version is moister and spongier than my old friend,  and therefore resistant to crumbling.  I kind of liked the crumbling.  I can only conclude that there is no perfect scone, but this one is as close as I will ever get.  (According to @sfveganbakesale, these were not made by SBS but rather by "a guy named Adam.")

3. These two brownies were disappointing.  They tasted like brownies, but their texture was off.  They were hard on the outside, and chewy on the inside. They certainly weren't horrible; I've had many worse vegan brownies.  They simply weren't of the same caliber as the rest of the booty.

4. Hands-down, absolutely, positively the best doughnut I have eaten in 6 years.  Not at all cakey, but light and fluffy and breadier than most other vegan donuts.  Kicks the ass of my former best doughnut experience, had at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR.

5. I thought this was going to be one of those cakey jobs I described in #4, but it turned out to be much lighter than I expected.  This is an example of the pinnacle of the vegan doughnut craft, before #4 came along and changed all the rules.  If it weren't for #4, this lemony little number might have had a chance.
    All this delicious stuff totaled $14, but I dropped $20; it goes to and

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