Thursday, October 12, 2017

Raw Squirrel only 2 WeightWatchers Points!

While tracking the Squirrel Brand Classic Almonds I was snacking on, I discovered that squirrel is a top hit on WeightWatchers, both cooked and raw. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Bachelor Bowl

Wild rice, broccoli, and Italian style Tofurky. There's
a hint in the background about an upcoming meal.
Back when I was single and only needed to please myself, I would make basic, three ingredient bowls. Rice or quinoa, broccoli, and some sort of protein like tofu, Gardein [product name], or a vegan sausage of some kind. Sautéed mushrooms would sometimes find their way into the bowl, too.

My wife is on vacation, so I immediately regressed to eating like a single basement dweller again. Tonight's bowl features wild rice, broccoli, and Italian style Tofurky sausages, topped with nutritional yeast and Sriracha. Weight watchers thinks this meal costs 18 points. That seems a little high to me.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vegan Sandwiches at a Tech Conference, Again?

This photo is actually from yesterday.
The second day of Silicon Valley Code Camp was shorter and less heavily attended than yesterday. The vegan Ike's sandwiches still flew out the door, especially when we asked Ike's to remove the Tofurky from the Pee Wee sandwiches. We had learned yesterday that some people who have never eaten meat find "fake meat" just as repulsive as the real thing. The only options we had were Tofurky or "tofu chicken;" there was no meatless (fake or otherwise) alternative. Today there were about a half dozen people who were clearly pleased with the modified Pee Wee.

It looks like this is going to be an ongoing partnership, as my offer to return next year was not rejected.