Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Dosa Brothers' Kitcheree

The Dosa Brothers
Happy 3rd day of VeganMoFo2017. I have lowered the bar for the rest of the month: I will publish some words every day. I think that I have far exceeded my own expectations today, as there are also two photographs. I'm sure I'll receive a notice in the mail from VeganMoFo Corporate about violating the theme clause of our agreement. Look forward to more recipes from America's Test Kitchen's "Vegan For Everybody" shortly thereafter.

I was thrilled to see the Dosa Brothers set up their cart a couple years ago on the corner of Market and Montgomery in San Francisco. I love dosas. These guys are vegetarian and they dish out tons of dosa every day. I've consumed about a quarter ton myself since they showed up. They're pretty good, especially for $9. (I would prefer NY Dosas, but he's 3,000 miles away.) That may seem like a lot of money to people who live in reasonable places, but in this town you can't even cast a shadow for less than $3.

The Brothers added "kitcheree" to their menu a few months ago but I never tried it until today. Here's a recipe I just found that approximates the dish. The scoop of crumbly white stuff in this photo is their coconut chutney.

It had the texture of wet stuffing, and the flavors were mild. The temperature was a little low, so I popped it in the microwave at work for a minute. That really opened up the flavors, but it benefited greatly from a generous pour of sriracha sauce.. This... stew(?) is going to be especially good on the grayer Bay Area days coming down the pike. 


  1. I only discovered dosas three years ago - clearly I wasted my life until that point! Is the kitcheree like kedgeree? I haven't had that since I went vegan, I'd love to find a good recipe for it. Shame this one was so mild.

  2. Googling suggests they're not the same. Maybe they have a common ancestor?