Friday, October 6, 2017

Tofu Frittata with Mushrooms

I had a potluck today, on a boat. I have about 1 go-to potluck recipe, it's a quiche from a miso cookbook that I'll post on this blog someday, if I haven't already. There happens to be a quiche-like recipe in America's Test Kitchen's "Vegan For Everybody," but it's called Tofu Frittata with Mushrooms. I was struck with the idea of making this recipe in cupcake format, rather than conventional, big disk format.

I made this before in big disk format. I messed it up pretty royally transferring it from the pan to the cutting board, and ended up with a half-frittata, half-scramble mess. It was a delicious mess, though, with a really good eggy texture without the eggy stink. The recipe turned out really well this time, flavorwise. The cupcake papers were a bit problematic, but the folks who ate them liked them a lot and wanted more. I present the rest of this post as captioned photos.

The frittata mixture spooned in to the cupcake forms (papers? cups?) very easily.
I pushed down on each sizable dollop with a spoon fill up the cups better.

Here the are out of the oven, with only slightly more volume and a darker color. This is after 35 minutes
at 350 degrees. They could probably stand another 5 minute to get a bit browner on top.

... But they look pretty good.

After cooling to room temperature I tore one out of the cupcake paper, maybe because the paper
was so moist. I wonder how this would have turned out with silicone cupcake molds. 

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