Monday, June 28, 2010

Clif Bar Expands Their Non-Vegan Product Line

An evening of mixed emotions.  I was excited when I found a box from Clif Bar and Company in my breezeway.  (Nice toss, mail carrier--11 yards inside my gate is a new record!) I had responded to an offer in an issue of the company's cleverly-named marketing newsletter, "ClifNotes":
We've been in the kitchen, working hard to whip up a new recipe. We're still sworn to secrecy on the details but wanna send you a free bar to give you a chance to try it before it even gets to the store.
I eat a Clif bar almost every weekday morning, so how could I resist a sneak-peek at a new Clif product? I took the box inside and opened it up.  This is where I was immediately disappointed.  The new product was something called "Crunch," and my particular sample was "Honey Oat."  Thanks, Clif.  At least it wasn't made of bacon.

I went to the Clif site to see if there were other Crunch flavors.  There are: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate Macadamia.  Of all these flavors, only White Chocolate Macadamia is vegan-friendly.  The others contain honey, though only Honey Oat is up-front about it.

I did some more research on their site.  In a difficult-to-find section, I found the following:
All CLIF Bar products are made from ingredients that do not come from animals except most Mojo and CLIF CRUNCH flavors (contains organic honey), CLIF SHOT ROKS and Luna Protein (contains whey).
 So there it is.  Most of their products are still vegan. But I'm still disappointed.  So I'm sending them this:
Dear Clif Bar and Company,

I received my preview Crunch bar today (Honey Oat). I'm vegan, so I was immediately disappointed that it contains honey.  I checked your site and learned that three of the other four new flavors contain honey, too.  Is this a trend?

My vegan friends and I used to appreciate not having to read your labels, confident that your products were friendly. But now you seem to be slipping to the dark side.

Please come back,
 Update (2010-07-01): I got a response and a vegan bar is on the way!

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