Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Plant Cafe's Beety Burger

For lunch today I got a Plant Burger to go from The Plant Cafe at 101 California. The Plant Cafe has three locations in San Francisco, but for as long as I can remember Google has not acknowledged this one. Try for yourself: go to and search for "plant cafe san francisco." You'll get the other two locations only. This is very frustrating, because I stopped remembering numbers, names, and places several years ago when I got my first iPhone. A rare alignment of luck and miracle helped me find it today, and the reward was significant; The Plant Burger is delicious. It's hearty in flavor, but light in matter. You could probably eat two and still be able to walk back to work fully upright. There's a bunch of other vegan stuff on their menu but I didn't really pay much attention; this is the go-to to go item. (Oh, and don't worry--that undocumented dollop of white stuff is Veganaise.)


  1. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I'd heard enough of my friends extol the virtues of the Plant Burger -- including going so far as to call it the best veggie burger in SF!! -- that I finally tried it and was significantly underwhelmed. I think the Golden Beet Loaf sandwich at Atlas Cafe, for example, is a similar but much better sandwich -- but maybe I just had a bad taste in my mouth from being forced to go to the Marina.

  2. I think it looks pretty dang delish.