Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video: Primal Pain In The Ass

Wow, I'll post anything!

Inspired by supercarrot's comment on my previous jerky post, here's a very orange and yellow review of Primal Strips' (hopefully) experimental packaging.

Maybe someday I'll figure out how to use Final Cut's color correction capabilities. Or move out of this basement.


  1. YES! I love Primal Strips but I HATE the new packaging (which I'm pretty sure I've seen on all the flavors now). It's such a waste and impossible to open. The only positive thing about it is it finally gives me a use for my Swiss Army card.

  2. It seems to be on all of the flavours now. I nearly drove the car off the road attempting to get into one the other day. And failed miserably. Scissors are the only fool proof way to open the package now, but the point of a "take along" item like this is, well, so that I can take it along. To places where I might not have scissors. Heaven forbid you try to eat one of these on an airplane where no sharp objects will be available to assist your opening of the new package. Plus, the extra layer thing. I already felt guilty about throwing away one plastic wrapper every time that I ate one of these, but now, yikes. Its a bad move.

  3. Loved the video. I was seriously disappointed in these after all the rave reviews. I was looking for something to take diving in case of emergencies--try opening those things with wet hands--and coerced my friend to purchase a bundle for me in the US.

    Keep up the videos and the honest reviews.

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