Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eastern Capital Sandwich With A Side of Beer

A couple weeks ago I came across a package of Tofurky "Philly-Style" Steak Deli Slices at a remote Whole Foods.  I usually just put vegan "cold cuts" between a couple slices of bread with some lettuce, tomato, and mayo and call it a meal.  That's about the extent of my patience with sandwiches. But I noticed a unique recipe for Philly cheese steaks on the back of the package, and it went a little something like this:
  1. Put a couple tablespoons of oil in a pan and heat it.
  2. Put a mound of chopped onions and peppers in the oil, in the shape of your roll.
  3. Place a layer of folded Tofurky slices on top of the peppers and onions.
  4. Put a mound of Daiya cheese on top of the Tofurky. 
  5. Cover and cook for about 8 minutes until the bottom layer has begun to caramelize and the cheese has melted.
  6. Slap the sizzling mass on a roll with some mustard and mayo and take the whole mess back to the TV.
I was incredulous, but #5 sold me--just set it and forget it.  I was impressed with the results: the flavor-to-effort ratio was phenomenal, and the Tofurky took on an toothsome moistness. As a bonus, my apartment smelled like an East Coast greasy spoon for hours.  So I made another one tonight (pictured above), using jalapeños and Hickory Smoked Tofurky Slices instead of Philly-Style slices.  It was equally delicious, though I should have used about 8 slices instead of 4.

Oh, if you don't have a side of beer handy, a scalding cup of Dunkin' Donut's coffee in a polystyrene cup will suffice.


  1. That looks so amazingly good! The weekend is the only time I make sandwiches so I know what's for lunch tomorrow.

  2. This looks amazing. And people think vegans are deprived. :)