Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week One of VeganMoFo 2010, The Aftermath

Sure, it's gratifying to make your own meals.  It's a wonderful experience when you share your meals with other people who enjoy home-cooked food.  But it can take a toll on your kitchen.  I try to "clean as you go," but after 5 days straight of slapping together recipes I was left with a dishapocalypse. Thank God we're only blogging on weekdays; I can attack this mountain of debris over the weekend.

I felt that I earned a zero-effort to-go meal after a week of hard work, so I got a Soyrizo burrito from my local Papalote today.  Oh, so good. And I only had to wash one dish afterward!  Unfortunately, my proximal Papalote wasn't serving the seasonal Pumpkin Tamales that the Mission location is offering for a limited time.  But this sucker always pleases.

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  1. I know how yu feel, sometimes you need to take time out from the kitchen.